WIBTA for reporting a Lyft driver because he tried to ask me out?

Yesterday I treated myself to the movies & wine and decided taking a Lyft would be the safest way home.

The driver was chatty. I asked him about the house music he was playing because I liked it too, in hopes he would crank it up. Instead, he began asking me what movie I saw, kept bringing up my ‘boyfriend’, asking me if I liked girls and so on.

I found this topic of discussion inappropriate & honestly I didn’t even want to talk in the first place, but since I was in a locked car with a stranger, I responded casually that I’m not interested in anything & that I enjoy time by myself.

That did not deter him from asking me out right as I was going to exit the car. I reminded him that I prefer to be alone and left.

Part of me says reporting him would make the ride more comfortable for other girls & also appropriate for my level of discomfort but another says that this man made an error of judgment and I should just give him a lower rating instead.

EDIT: Thanks for all your thoughtful responses. I sent the report in and quickly received a message from Lyft expressing concern and interest in resolving the issue. Do I want him fired? No, hence this post. I just want him to be reminded on how to prioritize the experience the customer is paying for.

EDIT 2: This is my final say on the matter. This was not a flattering event for me. My ride was uncomfortable due to the driver’s lack of awareness & decorum. I too, work at a job where ratings matter. I do my very best to make sure that my customers feel safe and comfortable. I was a captive audience the whole car ride, and that was taken advantage of.

I did not expect this post to blow up, but since it did, please read these responses with empathy and learn something today. Thank you.

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WIBTA for reporting a Lyft driver because he tried to ask me out?