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When you are applying for colleges, many thoughts cross your mind. Most of these thoughts probably pertained to picking the right degree program for you. Bachelor programs typically determine your career path while master degree programs are often used by college students to hone their skills further and gain headway in their field of choice.



The tradeoff: Follow your heart or fill up your wallet?

Recently there has been a boom in the education sector with online colleges and brick campuses springing up everywhere. It is very easy to get confused insofar as picking the right discipline and the right major is concerned especially if you are hoping to get an online education degree. The question, with an online education degree, is whether you will get a well-paying job afterward.

Bachelor degree schools are especially confusing because students tend to get confused while applying for colleges. Which degree program should you pick? The bachelor program that you are passionate about or the bachelor program that will result in you getting hired swiftly and making enough money to pay the bills, your student loans, etc. Same is the case with most master degree plans. Well, now you do not need to make that trade-off because you can do both from your college of choice, even if it is an online college.

The Discipline Myth:



When applying for colleges, students often hear that some degree programs pay more. Bachelor programs and Master degrees in specialized fields of science like engineering are thought of as more practical degree programs solely for this reason; they pay more but is there any point in pursuing a degree program that you are uninterested in?

A bulk of students applying for online education degrees often forget that it is very difficult to focus on disciplines which they are not passionate about. Bachelor degree schools often add to the apparent attractiveness of these programs by publicizing them more, but that is a myth. Liberal Arts programs are just as good if you pick them pragmatically. There is an entire list of bachelor programs in the field of liberal arts which can help you earn a relatively quick 100,000 dollars a month within a decade. Most of these programs are offered by online colleges too, so you have a lot of options available.

Lucrative Degree Programs:

The following list comprises both bachelor and master degree programs that you can opt for if you want to make money soon after graduation. These programs come from various disciplines including social sciences, liberal arts and hard sciences and most Bachelor degree schools offer them:

Petroleum Engineering:

There is a boom in the petroleum industry and oil prices are rising which means that countries are looking for alternative ways to tap into oil reserves and extract oil. Petroleum Engineers help locate reserves, strategize about extracting them, work on site and much more. This is why they are in high demand.

Computer Science:

This is a new age, and computer science is a one-degree program which is compatible with the times. Artificial intelligence and animation are just examples of majors you can opt for. Besides, with the world moving towards automation, you would be in high demand for the foreseeable future if you opt for this major. This means a high pay scale.


The world is moving towards deregulation and economics has a big role to play in it. Analyzing market dynamics including supply and demand are just a small part of economics. Public and governmental policies are often directed at initiating uplifting employment projects, and economists are in high demand.

International Relations:

The most versatile degree program ever because it helps the student understand modern day politics and foreign policy and its historical context and apply it elsewhere. IR folks can easily work as journalists, historians, and strategists.


Language is a vast field that covers communication and seeks to understand how humans interact using words. Learning a foreign language can help you find stable paying jobs in the future.

Get Started:



There is no need to make a rushed decision. Remember, money is not everything but you need to earn enough to meet your needs and if you are ambitious, afford your wants. Sit in a calm setting and make a list of majors that you want to pursue and then shortlist them accordingly. May the best degree program win.

Celeb Corner: Did you know a lot of our celebrities continued their degree programs or restarted them taking hiatus to focus on their education at various campuses through out. Some brilliant celebrities with interesting college degrees include:

  • Kanye West recently got his doctoral degree on a thesis relating to modern art from The Art Institute of Chicago. Kim’s proud.
  • Rachel Maddow got awarded the Rhodes scholarship to pursue her doctorate in Political Science from Oxford University.
  • Gerard Butler has a law degree from Glasgow University.
  • Kourtney Kardashian has a degree in Theater Arts from University of Arizona.
  • Rowan Atkinson studied Electrical Engineering at Newcastle University.

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Degrees Worth Investing In – Majors Which Pay a $100K And More! – HOT NEWS AND GOSSIP