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Do you know how many celebrities have to hire top criminal defense attorneys every year? Probably hundreds, as every now and then, celebrities often find themselves on the other side of the law. This is common due to their exposure to media. In fact, if you look into the list of top ten criminal defense attorneys, you can easily find some of them are working for top celebrities. Some interesting stories involving attorney criminal case also surfaced in 2017 that made headlines and shocked many of us. Even though top criminal defense attorneys and top celebrities don’t add up much for fans, but you can often find them working together. Here are some examples why!



Bill Cosby

Many people may have searched “good criminal lawyers near me” when OJ Simpson grabbed the headlines during his famous criminal trial, but it is already an old story. The new headline in 2017 was Bill Cosby. After the #MEtoo movement surfaces last year, many famous people found asking, what does a criminal defense lawyer do, and Bill Cosby was one of them.

Once a popular Hollywood star, he is now facing multiple charges and accused of rape, sexual assault, and several other criminal offences by more than 60 women. It is revealed that he was sexually harrasing women and even raping some of them since 1965.

However, what is more interesting here is, thanks to his criminal lawyers, who were among the top ten criminal defense attorneys in the United States, he walked free on technical grounds. His lawyers claimed that the women came forward too late.

Anyway, Cosby is still facing accusations and civil suits one after another after several other women kept appearing accusing him of rape. He is spending a lot, and the news is, he may soon need criminal defense lawyers with payment plans due to his financial troubles.



T. J. Miller


Everyone used to love T.J. Miller in Hollywood, and why not, he is considered as the funniest guy in the Hollywood. However, things took a U-turn in 2017 when he was accused by an Uber Driver that he slapped him after getting into fierce political debate.

The driver also sued T.J, who gained popularity after his “Silicon Valley” appearance. In response. Miller hired top criminal defense attorneys to fight his case. The case is still in the court in which Miller claims that the lawsuit is a desperate attempt to grab money from him. There is a good chance we will hear about the verdict this year soon.


Shia LaBeouf


Political differences are one thing, but when it comes to Shia LaBeouf, it becomes a matter of life and death. The Transformer lead actor took things to the extreme after Trump became president and protested against his election in a wide range of ways.

However, his protests also got him into trouble as he got into several fights. In one of his anti-Trump demonstrations at the Museum of the Moving Image, he started fighting one of Trump’s supporter, a 25-year guy who ended up with several scratches.

As a result, Shia LaBeouf was arrested when the Trump-supporter complained to the police. Shia LaBeouf is now working with a team of top criminal defense attorneys as he is facing several lawsuits in court that resulted in his years-long protests against Trump, that also got him involved in several disputes as well.

Anyway, when celebrities can hire expensive top criminal defense attorneys, most of the common people can’t. If by chance you also need a criminal attorney, a good way to keep it affordable is to find criminal defense lawyers with payment plans.

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Celebrity Criminal Cases That Shocked Us! – HOT NEWS AND GOSSIP