AITA because I refuse to go and visit my special needs stepsister in hospital even though she’s very sick? I low key hate her.

I’m 15 years old. I have a stepsister who is a couple years older than me and she is really seriously disabled. I’m not sure what’s wrong with her because no one ever wants to discuss it with me but she’s non verbal, breaks her bones a lot, and has severe epilepsy and will have many fitting episodes. She also doesn’t understand stuff. That’s probably the easiest way to put it. She’s just a human body with nothing inside.

She’s my stepmoms daughter. My stepmom married my dad 3 years ago and they dated only for a year before that. I don’t know my stepmom very well and I don’t really get on with her. We are respectful to each other but I’m basically living with strangers because she’s so busy with her daughter and my dad. I am always on my own and I used to hate it but I’m used to it now.

Ever since they moved in to live with us life changed drastically for me because all the care now revolves around my stepsister. That’s fine, I get it, but both my stepmom and my dad ask me to do things for my stepsister that I don’t want to do and I resent doing. Stuff like staying home when I want to go to the mall with my friends, they’re disappointed that I don’t get her anything for her birthday with my very limited funds, etc.

My own mom passed away when I was small so I can’t go and stay anywhere else and all in all I’m just a lot more angry than I used to be because they seem really disappointed whenever I say I don’t want to do anything for her. Even stuff like feeding her- like- I don’t want to sit there feeding her banana pudding and wiping her drool. I didn’t ask for this.

Anyway, she recently fell a few days ago and had a seizure for 8 minutes. She was taken to hospital and the doctors want to keep her in and look after her. I don’t want to go and visit her. I remember seeing my mom in hospital before she died and I just hate hospitals and I sort of hate my stepsister and I just don’t want to go and visit someone who doesn’t even know I’m there.

My stepmom is really upset with me and so is my dad. They haven’t yelled at me or anything but they are both being super cold towards me because I don’t want to visit. My grandma who lives in Canada called me up out the blue and told me it was okay and I don’t need to force myself to go to the hospital so I’m assuming my dad has told her I’m refusing to go. He keeps pleading with me but I keep telling him I’m not doing it. I told him hospitals remind me of mom and he got even more upset and said my stepsister might die and I need to stop being so selfish towards my stepmom.

I just want to know what Reddit thinks because half my friends think I should go and the other half think I’m justified in saying no.

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AITA because I refuse to go and visit my special needs stepsister in hospital even though she’s very sick? I low key hate her.