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Ever since dedicated server hosting made the online multiplayer gaming experience a possibility, the gaming industry is growing at some rapid speed. With so many dedicated server gaming options, there are millions of gamers out there who spend hours every day playing games. This is why the gaming industry has now surpassed Hollywood in terms of revenue. However, best-dedicated server hosting not only lured common gamers but also made several celebrities addicted to gaming. When probably hundreds of celebrities do play games, some take it to the next level by getting addicted.



Megan Fox


The first name on our list may surprise you, but it is true. Megan Fox, the hot celebrity from the Transformers movie is known for her game addiction. She is known for playing Halo Reach online, which is among the most popular games played on dedicated server hosting.

Not only that, but she also plays Mortal Kombat, which is another popular multiplayer game that is played on mostly cheap dedicated game servers. Megan Fox also admitted that she is a game addict in one of her interviews with Colliders, in which she revealed she spends considerable time playing online games, especially Halo: Reach.

Vin Diesel


Do you know how many people searched for best game server hosting 2017 last year? Millions, and not only common people but Vin Diesel is also among the celebrities who were looking for best-dedicated server hosting to enjoy multiplayer games online with his friends.

You can define Vin Diesel as an unapologetic nerd, as he never feels shy of revealing that he is into gaming. So which one is his favorite games? Well from his last few interviews, he is currently addicted to playing Dungeons and Dragons.

He is so much into games that he even started his own gaming studio to launch a game based on his successful movie series, Riddick. In several of his interviews, he also advised others to play games. However, if you want to play games on dedicated server hosting, you also need to look into dedicated server pricing first to make sure you can afford it. Celebrities can afford expensive dedicated server hostings, but not all of us, right?

Mila Kunis


The famous and beautiful Mila Kunis from the movie TED is also among the celebrities who are spending considerable time on online gaming. She was addicted to games like World of Warcraft so much that she had to go into therapy.

In one of her recent interviews, she claimed that she had to quit gaming to concentrate on her career, but the news is, she is still into gaming. She is known to play with her own group of friends on dedicated server hosting using private chat channel. The news is that her gaming group involves several other celebrities as well.

She also claimed in one of her interviews back in 2014 that she used to spend entire days on playing games with her friends.


Daniel Craig


The new James Bond also like to play spy games online. According to his recent interviews, he admitted that he is a game lover, and play games like Halo and other similar games with deep stories.

He was so addicted to gaming that his previous girlfriend had to throw his X-box out of the house.

All in all, gaming addiction is not limited to students and young common people, celebrities are also among those who play games on dedicated server hosting for hours. Gaming is also more fun when you have resources for dedicated server gaming, but for that, look for dedicated server pricing and cheap dedicated game servers, as most of us can’t afford what celebrities can.

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4 Famous Celebrities Who are Addicted to Gaming – HOT NEWS AND GOSSIP